Top 10 Home Loan Calculators

There are many mortgage calculators and real estate tools on the web today, but only a few are as useful to the average consumer. Here is a list in no significant order. 1. Simple Mortgage Calculator – This has to be the most popular calculator. It’s a very simple and basic calculator to figure out your monthly mortgage payments. 2. Amortization Calculator – Estimate your monthly payments and see an amortization schedule of your mortgage loan. It shows how much goes towards the principle and how much goes towards the interest. 3. Mortgage Qualification Calculator – See if your income can qualify you for the loan you desire. 4. Should I Rent or Buy Calculator – Compare the costs between renting versus buying your own home. 5. ARM Refinance Calculator – In recent years, many people have opted for this type of mortgage loan. Calculate to see if you should refinance that ARM loan that is about to expire or reset soon. 6. Biweekly Calculator 7. Interest Only Calculator 8. Prepayment or Invest Calculator 9. Rate Comparison Calculator 10. How Much Can I Borrow Calculator

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